About Old World Copper Works

Old World Copper Works is a family business founded by father and son.  Father, Marian Lis began his career restoring the true Old World works of art and architecture throughout Europe.  Taught by past generations he learned how to reproduce much of the metal art works he admired.  Later he came to the United States with his son and apprentice, Piotr.  After several years of metal roofing and copper work in Connecticut, the two relocated to the DFW area.  In Texas our family’s experience expanded to further include iron works.  Now we would like to pass our quality craftsmanship on to you. 

Old World Copper Works can help you find your Old World style. When selecting the metal work that fits your needs, you can choose from our designs or we can work to replicate designs found in magazines, photographs, or your imagination.  Also, we can create pieces to match your existing metal works. 

We offer high quality metals custom made to fit your needs.  The knowledge and experience we have for metal working is evident in all of our projects. Our attention to detail is unsurpassed.  And our passion for this trade is undeniable.

Old World Copper Works Metal Roof Old World Copper Works Metal Roof

Marian Lis

Piotr Lis